Saturday, April 7, 2007

2007 Scholarship Fund Run 8km

Scholarship 8k Downtown Huntsville, AL

It was 24 degrees at the start (9am) and partly windy with little sun. It was a pretty hill course, repeated twice, making two loops. The first mile was up for half, a dip then up again. This was repeated later. I stayed with the second pack through 2.25 miles, then fell back. I was up by 1/4 mile on the next finisher. or up by 45 seconds. The second set of hills into the wind is what hurt me most.

I finished 13th overall of 162 entrants and 2nd in M30-34 in 30:41. I thought that I could go 30:30 on the course, so 30:41 was right about where I thought I would be.

(307+257)=604 (0.971 miles 2nd split time)