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2008 Running Year in Review

2008 Running Year in Review

I am humbled by what I have accomplished in that I never thought any of these marks were possible, but I demonstrated that through tremendous hard work, determination and support from others, that anything is possible. I am blessed to be surrounded by such great people and I thank you all.

Race Highlights

1) Breaking 3 hours in a marathon, finishing in 2:54:12 at Rocket City Marathon
2) 1st ever Boston Marathon, finishing in 3:09:42 and in top 10%
3) Lake Antoine Classic 5 Miler first ever big race win in hometown at 28:01
4) Shattering my half marathon PR by 6:36 at Huntsville Half Marathon running 1:16:38 and finishing 5th overall
5) Breaking 18 minutes in 5k first time 31 races at Senior Cup, finishing 2nd overall followed by breaking 17 minutes in 5k first time at Living Waters, finishing 2nd overall
6) 10k PR at Dam Bridge at 34:45 finishing 2nd overall
7) 4th Place at McKay Hollow Half Marathon running 8:24 pace
8) 103 Miles in 12 hours with Four Guy Century at Delano Park
9) 5k Double at Da Doo Run Run (17:31 3rd place) at 8AM and Twilight 5k (17:53 5th place) at 7P

39 Total Races* (40 Total Projected)

Race Totals: 2mi (5x), 3mi (3x), 5K (13x), 7.5k (1x), 8k (1x), 5mi (2x), 10k (5x), 10mi (1x), 1/2Marathon (2x), 25mi (1x), Marathon (2x), Ultra (3x) = 39

Goals/Personal Records

Distance: 5 km
- Initial goal for year: Break 18:00 ACCOMPLISHED
- Adjusted goal for year: Break 17:00 ACCOMPLISHED
- Lowered PR from 18:10 to 16:42 (1:28) at Living Waters 5k (Certified)

Distance: 4 mile
- Lowered PR from 22:53 to 22:02 (0:51) during Dam Bridge Run 10k (4 mile split)

Distance: 5 mile
- Lowered PR from 29:21 to 28:01 (1:20) at Lake Antoine Classic

Distance: 10k
- Initial goal for year: Break 37:00 ACCOMPLISHED
- Adjusted goal for year: Break 35:00 ACCOMPLISHED
- Lowered PR from 37:49 to 34:45 (3:04) at Dam Bridge Run 10k (certified)

Distance: 15k
- Lowered PR from 58:23 to 56:01 (2 minutes 22 seconds) at Monte Sano 15k (certified)

Distance: 10mi
- Lowered PR from 1:04:50 to 58:10 (6:40) during Huntsville Half Marathon (10 mile split)

Distance: 1/2 Marathon
- Goal for year: Break 1:19:59 ACCOMPLISHED
- Lowered PR from 1:23:13 to 1:16:37 (6:36) at Huntsville Half Marathon (certified)

Distance: Marathon
- Goal for year: Break 3:00:00 ACCOMPLISHED
- Lowered PR from 3:07:05 to 2:54:12 (12:53) at Rocket City Marathon (certified)

Age Group Placing M30-34

1st: 25 times
2nd: 8 times
3rd: 1 time

Overall Placing

33 Top 10 Finishes
26 Top 5 Finishes
16 Top 3 Finishes
1 Overall Win


3496 Miles (to date) Projected 3613
Last 8 months of year averaged 336 miles

Rest Days
16 Days off in 365

Non Race Highlights
1) Being named HTC Top Male Performer of the Year
2) Passing 10,000 career miles
3) Meeting Josh Cox and having dinner with Josh, Carrie and Laura
6) Hosting Cotton Row Run Elite Dinner


- Coaching 4 people to run their first half marathon
- Working with No Boundaries Spring and Fall groups on helping them run their first 5k
- Huntsville Track Club VP Races/Equipment working with race directors
- Volunteering at nearly all HTC events
- Just working with area runners on their personal development

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