Sunday, September 24, 2006

2006 Fox Cities Half Marathon

I was really packing in the miles and the races in this short stretch. I had just done a half marathon a few weeks prior and I was training for Chicago in another month. So this race was sandwhiched between 20+ mile weeks as well.

Brian Hendrickson and I were talking before the race while we warmed up. The weather was unseasonably warm, and the winds were sure to be a factor.

I went out a little too fast then had the same leg probs at mile 7 that I had at the Bannerman Trail Half Marathon a few weeks prior.

The winds over by Hwy 441 and BW3 were brutal. I was running alone and it felt like I was standing straight up and not moving forward.

I had to stop to try to walk it off at 8.5mi (went from 6:22 ave to 6:28 with this stop) then again at mile 10.5. I remember getting a little motivation when I heard 'Beat It' on a boom box and telling a spectator that was the song on my phone as a ring tone!

I did finish very strong the last mile, despite lots of concrete at the end. I ended up passing 4 people in the last mile. I felt decent afterward. I managed a new PR, despite the walk, and finished 1:24:57, 3rd in M30-34 and 21st overall.

Splits were:
(307+306) = 6:13
(307+305) = 6:12
(309+315) = 6:24
(311+315) = 6:24
(309+312) = 6:21
(313+321) = 6:34
(312+316) = 6:28
(315+324) = 6:39
(342+313) = 6:55
(310+309) = 6:19
(313+325) = 6:38
(313+309) = 6:22
(307+305) = 6:12

Saturday, September 2, 2006

2006 Bannerman Trail Half Marathon

Bannerman Trail Half Marathon in Red Granite, WI

I drove down from Green Bay and spent the night in Oshkosh to cut the drive in half.

This was my chance to win. The course was green grass trail, like running on the lawn. I wasn't ready for this type of course.

There were 88 people in 5k, 10k and half, of which there were only 40 in half. Standing at the entrance to the trail (which was about 5' wide), I could tell that there was not much competition. Basically it was me and one other guy. I went out too fast (6:15) and then passed that guy,then held on till mile 11.5. He never stopped for water and I did at mile 4.5, 6,5, 8.5. My left leg was tingling from mile 4 and on, like it was asleep. At 11.5, I just couldn't take it anymore. The guy picked it up and I just couldn't hold on. I fell to a 7:43 split, trying to shake it out. I did finish strong.

I really need to figure out what happened to my leg. I wanted to go on but I was afraid that with the trail it would land awkwardly and it would give out. It was a good time, but disappointing that I couldn't hold the lead.