Saturday, June 16, 2007

2007 Harry Williams Track Meet

Harry Williams All Comers Track Meet in Madison, AL

It was brutally hot and I was uncertain if I was going to race or not. I knew that I was going to watch Brian Robinson try to break the 5 minute barrier in the mile.

In the morning I went rollerblading with Siri so my legs weren't entirely fresh for the race.

The field was small, only 15 or so, but it did feature Dennis Eaton and Conrad Meyer. This 5km was 12.5 laps on the track. Based on times, I started in the 4th lane (4th fastest 5km times). ran behind Dennis Eaton and a high school kid for 5 laps then Dennis dropped out (dehydrated) and on 6th lap I overtook the kid and held on for a 36 second win. Dennis and kid had done the 1 mile race also so they weren't that fresh either. I had Laura hand me a cup of water on each lap. By the end it was under the lights. It was pretty cool to do something like this, despite the heat.

I ran very even after a slow start of 301, then ripping off five 1/2 mile splits of precisely 256, 256, 256, 256, 256.

This was my first win in a race that was over 2 miles. It was kinda cheap but I will take it.

I did lots of recovery stuff (jog, endurox, banana, etc) when it was over as I had to prep for 18 miler the following day.