Saturday, March 12, 2005

2005 Blarney Run

Blarney Run 5k in Wauwautosa, WI.

It was very cold and windy about 7 on strength. We drove down the night before the race and stayed at Laurie and Andrew's house. The snow was so heavy that we could not see the off ramp on the freeway, as it was under 3' of snow.

The course itself had two 180 degree turn arounds and the the first 1/4 mi and last 1/4 mile were on an icy high school track. There were about 500 runners total. THe course was mad up of rolling hills.

I started out in 2nd, fell to 3rd at 1.5 mile. Then passed by 2 people, passed into 4th, then got passed on track (snow/ice). Finished 5th and 1st in age group M25-29. Overall good race, felt like I ran about 18 min effort.