Friday, March 17, 2023

Why NOT me?

For a long time, I asked the question, “why me?” when it came to my health condition. But recently I have started to ask a new question, which is “why NOT me?” 

Maybe it’s like Dr. Sam Beckett’s rationale for who controls his leaping from life to life on Quantum leap - which is that it’s God or Time or Fate or Whatever (GTFW). 

Maybe GTFW knows that I am stubborn and won’t give up -- that I am fighter and will use this diagnosis as a chip on my shoulder to push beyond my limits in all walks of life, in spite of, or despite of, for all that it puts me through. Maybe with my writings or my stories or my actions, I have inspired someone to never give up, no matter how steep the climb. Maybe GTFW know that I have an army of family and friends who fight for me when I am too weak to fight. For all that we have endured over the last 8 years, all the pain, all the tears, all the fears… if I have been a difference maker for just one person, then it is all worth it. Maybe this clinical trial won’t cure me, but maybe it cures a young baby who has been diagnosed with RRP who can avoid a lifelong regiment of surgeries. From that perspective, it’s like saving a life. 

So maybe I was chosen to wear a cape on this EPIC adventure, and therefore, I say “why NOT me?”