Thursday, March 28, 2019

Sweet 16 Results Best Power Ballad of All Time Tournament

Do Anything For You region

1 Chicago - You're the Inspiration vs. 13 Cinderella - Don't Know What You've Got
  • Cinderella has had a tremendous run in the tournament, upsetting both a 4 seed and then a 5 seed to earn their way into the sweet 16.  You should know that it ain't easy to get back to the tournament, but every Cinderella story eventually comes to any end.  And I know (And I know) that You're the Inspiration from Chicago moves on to the elite 8 with their defeat of Cinderella. 
  • For all of the rest of time Aerosmith will know that they put up a good fight, but the repetitiveness of I Don't Want to Miss a Thing contributed to their ultimate demise.  Mike Reno and Ann Wilson are not just knocking on heaven's door, they are also knocking on the door of the elite 8 with this win.  How could I have known that Almost Paradise would move on?  Because it's my tournament.
1 Chicago - You're the Inspiration vs. 2 Mike Reno w/Ann Wilson - Almost Paradise

Full of Regret region 

1 Survivor - The Search Is Over vs.  4 Bryan Adams - Heaven 
  • Oh thinkin' about all our younger yearsHeaven definitely takes me back to 7th grade school dances at Kingsford Junior High.  But as terrifying and fond those memories are, that's over now and so is the tournament for Bryan Adams.  Survivor is asking themselves can we last forever, will we fall apart but the answers will not be known until the elite 8. 
14 REO Speedwagon - Keep On Loving You vs. 7 Eric Carmen - Hungry Eyes
  • And I meant, every word I said, when I said that REO Speedwagon put up a valiant effort as a 14 seed in this match up.  It should be clear that it's the only thing I want to do is to create intriguing match ups in this tournament, but Keep On Loving You is not part of the end game.  One look at you and I can't disguise that Hungry Eyes moves on to face Survivor for the right to move on to the final 4. 

Lost Without You region 

1 Journey - Faithfully vs. 4 Warrant - Heaven
  • Results in this tournament ain't always what it's s'posed to be but that is why the games are played.  In this case, wheels go 'round and 'round and Faithfully will move on to the next 'round.  For Heaven, now the lights are going out and Warrant goes home.   
  • We've been livin' on the edge where only the strong survive in this tournament.  Can't you see I'm finding it hard to decide the winner in this battle? But all it takes to make me realize who should win is that Loverboy... I need you to stayHeaven In Your Eyes defeats We Can Last Forever and moves on to face the top seeded Faithfully.

Love Hurts region 

1 Air Supply - All Out of Love vs. 4 Chicago - Look Away
  • I know you were right believing for so long that All Out of Love deserved to be a top seed in the region but it can't be too late to say that I was so wrong.  Look Away takes down Air Supply.  That's how it had to be. Yeah, that's how it had to be
  • For Sister Christian oh the time as come, and you know that you're not going to advance into the elite 8.  And even as I wander, I'm keeping Can't Fight This Feeling in sight as a strong possibility to make the final 4 out of the Love hurts region.  REO Speedwagon defeats Night Ranger as they remember what they started fighting for

Other Tournament Notes

The elite 8 features a strong balance of songs on both sides of the bracket.  Is it really anyone's guess as to who will survive or is it only Survivor who can survive? Is Eric Carmen Hungry enough as the lowest remaining seed?  Will Chicago be able to match up against Chicago in the finals, or does Loverboy have something to say about that?  All of these questions will be answered over the next few days as the elite 8 will become the final 4.