Thursday, March 21, 2019

First Round of the Best Power Ballad of All Time Tournament

Do Anything For You region
  • As the #1 seed it was plain to see that Chicago's You're the Inspiration would quickly dispose of the 16 seed Feel Like Making Love from Bad Company.
  • In a small upset, Peter Cetera's Glory of Love upends the higher seeded When I See You Smile from Bad English who won't have to wonder how to ever make it through, because they won't.  This creates a revenge match between Chicago featuring Peter Cetera, and Peter Cetera with his solo career.
  • With their only tournament entry, Sheriff's When I'm With You takes down Boston's More Than A Feeling. Boston looked out this morning and the sun was gone, as were their hopes of advancing to the final 4 with this entry.
  • As the only true Cinderella in the entire big dance, Cinderella pulls a not so surprising upset of Take It On The Run.  So it is that REO Speedwagon heard it from a friend whoheard it from a friend who that Don't Know What You've Got (Till It's gone) knocks them out of the tournament. 
  • These 5 words I swear to you I'll Be There for You proved to be too much for Eric Carmen's 11th seeded entry of All By Myself. who will continue to feel so insecure on the outside looking in.
  • Apparently the one thing Meat Loaf won't do is make it into the second round, as I Don't Want to Miss a Thing, on the shoulders of Bruce Willis saving the world in Armageddon advances past  I'd Do Anything for Love from the Loaf.  
  • Stryper promised to patiently stand by you faithfully, but but Chicago always knew that two hearts drawn together bound by destiny would prevail.  So as expected, Strypers' Honestly falls to the higher seeded Will You Still Love Me? from Chicago. 
  • Teamed up Ann Wilson from Heart , Mike Reno of Loverboy dominates Extreme's  More Than Words with the duet's smash hit Almost Paradise from the Movie Footloose. We know that these are not the words I want to hear from you Extreme, but your time is up.

1 Chicago - You're the Inspiration vs. 9 Peter Cetera - Glory of Love
5 Sheriff - When I'm With You vs. 13 Cinderella - Don't Know What You've Got
3 Aerosmith - I Don't Want to Miss a Thing vs. 6 Bon Jovi - I'll Be There for You
2 Mike Reno w/Ann Wilson - Almost Paradise vs. 7 Chicago - Will You Still Love Me?

Full of Regret region 
  • Survivor will continue loving for a moment and taking on the world as their #1 seed The Search Is Over proves to just be too much for Poison, as Bret Michaels will continue to think how things coulda been while their 16 seed I Won't Forget You  is knocked out in the first round.
  • The months go by, and I know for certain that Winger and their 9 seed Miles Away upsets Mister Misters #1 hit in the US and Canada from 1985, Broken Wings.
  • There will be no 5 vs. 12 upset in this region since White Lion never had a chance to love you.  Wait will have to wait until next year as Chicago will hurry back into the second round with Love Me Tomorrow,
  • In a Canada vs. England match up, Bryan Adams shouldn't find it hard to believe that his 4 seed, Heaven, defeats the 13 seed Have You Ever Needed Someone So Bad from Def Leppard. 
  • Paul Stanley from Kiss was out of his head over you, and now Forever is out the tournament as he and Gene Simmons are toppled by David Coverdale singing Is This Love? with Whitesnake. 
  • REO Speedwagoon will Keep On Loving You and they will keep on playing into the second round with an upset of the #3 seed High Enough by Damn Yankees.  This means that there will be either an 11 seed or a 13 seed playing in the sweet 16!
  • Eric Carmen had Peter Cetera in his sights as his Hungry Eyes from the Dirty Dancing soundtrack in 1987 squashes Cetera's solo career in the first round, leaving The next time I fall in love out in the cold.  
  • Mr. Big's To Be With You was one of the last 4 into the tournament and now has seen it all go down with their chances to advance, as Chicago's desire to not want to live without your love moves on. 

1 Survivor - The Search Is Over vs.  9 Winger - Miles Away

Lost Without You region 
  • They say that the road ain't no place to start a family, and it ain't no place for a 16 seed to fare well against the top seed in the bracket.  The Search Is Over from Survivor barely breaks a sweat as they take down Beth from Kiss.  I guess that you can come home right now after all. 
  • Look into your heart, and you will find that there was never any doubt that (Everything I Do) I Do It for You from Bryan Adams would steamroll Stealheart's I'll Never Let You Go as the tears start to fall in this minor upset of a 9 seed over an 8.  
  • Remember after the fire, after all the rainThe Flame from Cheap Trick is extinguished by the lower seeded Amanda from Boston who took them by surprise and made them realize.   
  • This might be our last goodbye to Europe, as Warrant's Heaven surpasses Carrie .  We will always be your biggest fan Jani Lane, even posthumously. 
  • You don't know how long I have wanted Alone by Heart to upend Without You from Motley Crue, proving Vince Neil really is a sailor lost at sea.
  • In their bid to try anything to keep it workingHeaven In Your Eyes from Loverboy ousted Rosanna from Toto, proving that now she's gone.
  • If I could have let you know somehow that Poison's 10 seed with Every Rose Has Its Thorn was too much for Alias as they really did lose their mind over this loss from their 7th seeded More than Words Can Say.  
  • Peter Cetera predicted the future when he sang now there's no way that I can lose in Chicago's We Can Last Forever as they demolish The Ballad of Jayne from L.A. Guns and their wishes slowly turn to sadness.

Love Hurts region 
  • I know you were right believing for so long that the 16th seeded I'll Remember You never had a prayer against the top seeded All Out of Love by Air Supply.  Sebastian Bach will have to paint a picture of the days gone by and start looking for another cameo in the Gilmore Girls reboot, reboot as Skid Row is out of the tournament.
  • Babe you're not leaving!  Styx upsets Journey's Open Arms. Apologies Steve Perry, but we don't need you to stay in the tournament any longer. 
  • Nothin' lasts forever, but GNR will sure as hell try, as November Rain eliminates the 12th seeded Always. We don't guess, we know Jon Bon Jovi, that you're not that good anymore
  • I guess it's over, baby.  It's really over baby for Nazareth as they take a lot of pain when their anthem Love Hurts is thrown out off the tournament by the 4th seeded Look Away from Chicago. 
  • Love does really bite and so does being upset by an 11 seed.   Apparently Chicago needs a little time away as Hard to Say I'm Sorry bows out to Love Bites from Def Leppard.
  • When you just won't give me reasons it makes it tough to advance Breathe's How Can I Fall into the second round.  Maybe REO Speedwagon can hold out forever as the 3 seed Can't Fight This Feeling advances.  
  • This may be the most uninteresting match up on the entire board.  But I can't stop now, I've traveled so far to see Foreigner's I Want To Know What Love Is moves on and Boy Meets Girl's Waiting For A Star To Fall goes home.
  • Sister Christian the time has come for you experience being on the winning side of one of the biggest upsets in tournament history.  Separate Ways (Worlds Apart) will NOT survive the tide to play in the next round as Night Ranger stuns Journey.

Other Tournament Notes

Amazingly, all four 9 seeds were able to defeat the slightly higher ranked 8 seeds in every region.  Beyond the 9's advancing, there were 6 double digit seeds who upset the lower seeded favorites in the first round.

The first round of the tournament feels like a blur as 64 entries are now paired down to 32.  By the end of the weekend, we will be ready for the sweet 16.  Stay tuned for more results as we continue to count down to the best power ballad of all time!