Sunday, March 31, 2019

Elite 8 Results Best Power Ballad of All Time Tournament

Do Anything For You region

1 Chicago - You're the Inspiration vs. 2 Mike Reno w/Ann Wilson - Almost Paradise
  • For Chicago, you want to have you hear me saying that you could advance to the final 4.  Trust me, no one needs you more than I to move on since I made you the top seed in the bracket.  But when the results of each category were totaled up, it just wasn't enough.  With Mike Reno and Ann Wilson, all these dreams I save for a rainy day, they're finally coming true, so I'll share them all with you that Almost Paradise has defeated You're the Inspiration and will represent the Do Anything For you Region in the final 4.  

Full of Regret region 

1 Survivor - The Search Is Over vs. 7 Eric Carmen - Hungry Eyes
  • I want to hold you so hear me out Eric Carmen.  You weren't the traditional power ballad, so now did I take you by surprise that you made it this far into the tournament?  One look at you and I can't disguise that you just couldn't topple the top seed in the bracket. The Search Is Over must feel like it is taking on the world, but that is just your style as it truly embodies what it means to be a power ballad.  Survivor will represent the Full of Regret region in the final 4 with a resounding defeat of Hungry Eyes.

Lost Without You region 

1 Journey - Faithfully vs. 3 Loverboy - Heaven In Your Eyes 

  • In the Lost Without You region, It took some time to find the light and now I realize, that this was one of the most difficult match ups to determine an outcome.  With Heaven In Your Eyes  I know what my heart's been lookin for and what I am feeling inside, but with Faithfully, I get the joy of rediscovering you.  On final analysis, it's something that we just can't hide that Journey will move on to the final 4. 

Love Hurts region 

4 Chicago - Look Away vs. 3 REO Speedwagon - Can't Fight This Feeling 
  • This entire tournament, I've been keeping you in sight REO Speedwagon.  I really wanted to advance Can't Fight This Feeling into the finals as I've been running around in circles in my mind with this decision.  And just when I thought that I'm getting closer than I ever thought I might, I actually could fight this feeling.  Trust me, it's gotta be this wayDon't look at me, I don't want you to see me this way as I advance Look Away into the final 4 as the champion of the Love Hurts region.  

Final 4


2 Mike Reno w/Ann Wilson - Almost Paradise vs. 1 Survivor - The Search Is Over
1 Journey - Faithfully vs. 4 Chicago - Look Away 

This tournament has been anything but predictable.  We had tremendous double digit upsets in the early rounds and even some top seeds getting knocked out before anyone estimated.  But what we are left with is nothing short of two blockbuster match ups of true heavyweights in the realm of power ballads.  

Chicago came in with 7 entries to the tournament and managed to make it into the final 4 with their 4 seed, Look Away, representing the Love Hurts region.  Some thought that Loverboy would rise from the Lost Without You Region, but Steve Perry mixing in lyrics about a circus and clowns prevailed.  So the right side of the bracket is set where Journey will take on Chicago.  

Mike Reno did manage to make it into the final 4 with his solo effort, paired with Ann Wilson from Heart.  He proved that Almost Paradise embodied the spirit of the Do Anything For You Region.  They will take on Survivor, who really has breezed through the Full of Regret region.  

No matter the outcome of the final 4, we are bound to have a championship battle what will be one for the ages.  Follow along next weekend as the final 2 will be announced.