Monday, December 23, 2019

Working toward failure

Have you ever just sat down to write knowing that you had something to say but no matter what you did, none of it seemed to come out right?

So you typed, and deleted and typed and deleted and it was far from perfection.  The point is, you kept typing. 

What a gentle reminder that I too am not perfect! 

Everyday I set out to be the very best version of myself for my wife, my family, my dogs, my friends, my work and the world around me.  And everyday despite having a plan with the best intentions, invariably I stumble along the way.  Then I feel like a failure and that all the good from the day was wiped away and forgotten! 

But this feeling is all wrong as I know that the pursuit of perfection is a fools dream.  That is not what this is. 

What I am writing about is working hard to be a little bit better than the me of yesterday.  And I expect to fail, because that is how you learn.  I expect to fail today and then try again tomorrow.  My desire is to present the very best version of me everyday even if that is a work on progress. 

I just want to be a difference maker for the people in my life, with the promise that what you get tomorrow will be better than what you get today. I am so grateful that the people in my life are patient because the best is yet to come.

So as I set out to fail today, I am reminded that failing is not failure -- Failure is trying, but just not getting it right (yet) and you just need to keep typing.